15 February 2007

It's gettin hot in here...

Hello all. I am in lovely Kuwait and have some great photos for you. First of all, I am enjoying luxury accommodations. Here is my street and housing.
Luxury huh. Well, better than out at the Udairi range where we slept on the floor and had no showers for two days. I did have some neat training though. I got my HUMVEE operators license!!!!! If you thought I was dangerous before, watch out. We also got some weapons training and ran a simulated convoy, during which we were interrupted by a herd of wild camels. Check out these pictures.
All in all things have been OK. Rough living and waiting for transport. One thing though, the Dining Facility (or DFAC) is amazing. Main line, short order food line, salad bar, potato bar, sandwich bar and then a dessert bar with Baskin Robbins. EVIL!!! I am trying to keep from GAINING weight right now. The weather is nice though, daytime 70s, nighttime 50s. That is all for now. Gotta be careful not to post too much here. Security you know. Well, I will let you all know more as I know it. By the way, here is the address to the main unit I will be working for in Iraq. This unit will distribute us out to the army units, but I can get mail there and they send it on to me. It is called Joint Composite CREW Squadron-1 and the address is:

Unit # 42007
APO AE 09342-1400

Well, that really is all for now. Take care and I will write again soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey George,
Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work and service to our country. I check your blog about once a week and just figured out how to write you. I miss you so much and will be thinking about you on 7-7-07. Cheers to you.
Your cuz Lisa

07 June, 2007  

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