21 February 2007

I'm going down to Baghdad, Baghdad, Baghdad...

Well all I am here and have some interesting pictures to share. First, here is where I am living. Just kidding. That's just one of Saddam's minor palaces and another cool building I found inside the safe zone. Here are my actual quarters.
Same stuff as usual. The tall concrete walls surround all the buildings including the tents, and the bathroom and shower trailers. It's like a maze in there and I got lost my first night because it is an unlit area. Completely dark. Almost slept outside because I couldn't find my way back. I am now awaiting further training and transport. I am also trying to avoid the wild jackals running around. Haven't seen them around yet, but you never know. As I am in the Cradle of Civilization (civilization started but got stuck in gridlock and never moved on), Mesopotamia, things are very muddy. Really thick clay mud that sticks to your shoes and makes each feel like a twenty pound weight. Luckily things have dried out and it is easier moving around. We walk everywhere around here. It is amazing how much more loosely your pants fit when you are averaging at least 5 miles walking a day. All is normal. I have found out more about where I am going, but I will not post it until after I get there. Sounds nice. If there is such a thing as nice in Iraq. Anyways, I will try and keep you all updated. Take care and keep blogging.


Blogger Shawn said...

Tre Chique Sir, Hows the sand box?

Very respectfully


Contra lead the way!

27 March, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You better not gain weight there jorge. I expect to see six pack abs; lay off the Baskins.

Seriously, keep your head down. Lemme guess no, no windows in your hooch?

Thanks for doing what you're doing.

Michael Stewart

28 May, 2007  

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