10 March 2007

Lucy, I'm Hoooooome!!

Well everyone, I finally made it, my new base for the next 9 months. The name of the place is Qayyarah West, or Q-West, and it is a FOB (Forward Operating Base) a little south of Mosul. At first I thought they said Key West and I was trying to get some Hawaiian shirts sent from home! I have my own room (it's a trailer but it works for me) and a place to actually work. I am working for the 45th Sustainment Brigade and it looks like a very good job. I even get my own HMMWV to drive around on base. That's on base only for those of you that are worry warts. Here are a few pictures of my current abode:
Sorry, that picture is sideways. I also have a picture of my mode of transportation, other than my feet:
I took some pictures of the Perfume Palace (or so I heard it was called) in Baghdad:

But last but not least, here is the crest of my current unit. They gave me a coin at the welcome party they had for new personnel the other day.

I hope you like those. Well that is all I have for now. Still finishing turnover and getting ready to get to work. Take care and check back soon.


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