21 April 2007

Well, we're movin on up....

Hello all. Not much new here, except my residence. I moved into a new trailer, due to the already present enhancements, and made some enhancements of my own. First of all, the already present enhancements, look at this:

Yes, it is a covered patio. Neat, huh. I figure, it'll protect from rain and, most importantly, excessive rays in the summer. Can't believe this CHU was left empty!!! So I took it. After moving in I realized I needed more storage. Well, scavenging is still an acceptable art, and I was looking into an abandoned building next to the maintenance facility I oversee. The building was condemned but only after they started renovating it. I found some nice shelving and, thanks to a little Velcro, I did some Trading Spaces action and:

Wallah, I now have a "kitchen area". Necessity is the mother of invention. I know, not alot of work stuff being talked about, not that I can talk about it here, but you do get insight into how we fill the rest of our time here.

One more thing, I think I figured out why they sent me here. Look:
A lake!!! Now all I need is a boat and I will be back in my element. It is not a big lake, but I AM only a LCDR. It's a water reservoir and isn't very deep, so I won't get a submarine. Oh well. I hope you are enjoying these updates and I will endeavor to update things more often. I hope you all are well and I will update again soon. Hasta luego!!


Anonymous Midn 4/C Denton said...

Sir, if you need, the section can pitch together and get you one of those baking soda subs from the cereal boxes. Missed you at the dinning out tonight, can't wait till your back, Sir.


Daniel Denton

22 April, 2007  

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