10 September 2007

Going to the Chapel and we're.......

Hello all. I am writing this on 10 September and I am thinking about tomorrow. While many people are disheartened remembering events 6 years ago, I am remembering joyful ones two years before. Tomorrow is 8 years since Heather and I were married. It is kind of hard for me to be able to describe to you how wonderful the last 8 years have been. We get told often that we act like kids sometimes, like newlyweds. Heather and I sometimes joke that it may be because, of those 8 years, only 4 1/2 have we actually been together. I think that has definitely helped her sanity, because dealing with me everyday can be trying for the heartiest of souls. But I know the reason is much deeper. Even out here in this barren land, I think about her smile and can feel her warmth from here. I was worried about going home on R&R because I knew we would eventually have to part again. But I have learned that our marriage, our love has stood true because of the little things we share. A grilled cheese sandwich when we've had a rough day. Celebrating together when we score a strike while bowling with friends. Laughing together at a funny movie or a silly moment. Walking together in Annapolis, enjoying the fresh breeze and remembering our sweet moments there. A squeeze from her hand in mine while we walk. A hug while sitting on the back patio in the company of good friends. A Rita's ice sitting on the tailgate of the truck during the cool evening breeze. All these sweet moments comprise a loving relationship unlike any I could have imagined in my younger days. I always know the day is good and everything is fine when her face lights up with a smile. She is my best friend and my favorite companion. I miss those moments when I am away and cherish each one when we are together because I know they are special because of her. I look forward to getting home and enjoying these moments and feeling her warmth. I know some people rarely get to feel these moments, either because they haven't found that special someone or because they are too caught up in life to take the time. I don't make that mistake because I know when your relationship is this good, nothing can be too bad. Every hurdle can be overcome as long as we're together. I remember a little magnet on our fridge that says things best "I miss you when we're apart, but I always know we're close at heart." I just wanted to convey how special this day is and how many are more to come. Because 8 years ago, she said "I Do", and every day has gotten better since. Happy Anniversary Darlin'. I love you more than these flimsy words can say, and I wanted to let you know.


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