16 June 2007

I'm lookin out for a hero....

Hello again all. If you haven't noticed, I have been using music and movie quotes as titles, as I have found both have a certain emotional connection and common understanding. Forgive me for trying to wax eloquent, though I'm just a dumb old sailor. I received a letter (sent in February) from a soon to be father, my old friend Gadi Ben-Yehuda. He lives in D.C and we maintain a very strong friendship though years and miles have separated us. It seems that different paths have brought us to a similar place. Well Gadi is a poet, and after reading his letter, I felt inspired. His letter was written on an old typewriter, and his writing style and writing instrument have an old, poetic feel that feels as if he is telling a story and not just writing a letter. It reminds me that eloquence is not just for Homer and Shakespeare, but for common expression amongst uncommon friends.
Now you are trying to make a connection between the first paragraph and the title. The one word that links them both is this: father. It is Father's Day tomorrow, and we all remember that person, whether an uncle, a friend or an actual father, who was the hero in our life. Like mine. We always told other kids when we were children "My daddy can beat up your daddy" or something along those lines. I think it is because we didn't know how to say that our fathers were bigger heroes to us, larger than life in some way. Invincible. This brings me to my picture for this weeks blog:
This was drawn on the concrete wall near my trailer. It was done by a 20-year-old kid (I must be old, calling 20 years a kid). He was preparing to go home and wanted to leave his living area a better place. I asked him why this particular topic. He said it was to be a daily reminder to all those still here that we are heroes. Maybe without the fancy suits (though the uniforms are a little crazy) and without the superpowers (what, didn't Marvel or DC comics have a hero with "blogging" powers) but we are heroes nonetheless. To our families and friends and to the American people yes, but also to those silent majority who live in fear of the common villainy they see every day. To those who wish for a peaceful life and see only one group of people willing to fight for them, us.

I am also reminded of the fathers and sons here, one sergeant I met the other day. He was in the National Guard and had just participated in his son's re-enlistment, here in Q-West, because his son's unit is also here. Odd coincidences bring father and son together. I ask that as you read this, think about your father, that hero in your life who helped make you the person you are today. Call and say thanks. If you are a father, remember that you are the hero. Acts of superheroism are not required, but common acts of caring and example to your children are. For all those fathers, whether safely back home, or separated by miles of land and ocean, this is your day, a day to be thankful of your father, and to be thankful for your family. I salute you and wish you many more days of happiness. Take care and write soon all. God bless.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful and inspirational words about fathers and sons!!

26 June, 2007  
Blogger lourdes said...

Dear George, Happy Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day. I know that will be hard to do. Just remember all the people that love you and pray for you everyday. We miss you of course. We can't wait to see you. We loved having Heather for a couple days. The kids had a blast with her. I wished she has stayed longer. A little something is coming in the mail. I hope it gets to you soon. I couldn't find your email address which is why I'm commenting to you here. I hope you got it in time. My email is flrh.ramos@gmail.com. I don't get to it very often though. I don't have a computer at home at the moment so I come to the library.

The library is closing and they're kicking me out.
I luv yu joji, luv oude

15 July, 2007  
Anonymous LCDR A said...


Love the Blog. I hope things are going well and that it isn't getting too hot for you. I am now at my new job in Albuquerque, NM. It is very interesting and nothing like my job there. It would be great to hear from you and chew the fat. I can be reached at my name first.last@abq.dtra.mil.

18 July, 2007  

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