01 January 2006

Happy New Year!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and take a moment to tell everyone things that have been going on with George and I in 2005. Well the year started with George throwing me an awesome 32nd birthday. We did some minor home improvements in our house like replacing a couple of toilets and sinks and of course some light fixtures. I painted our guest bathroom, and I really dig the orange. Buying all of these tools for George has really paid off :) I was teaching third grade until June and then had an involuntary transfer and am now teaching first grade. George's sister and family came to visit in June. George got a baby and is very proud of it. Of course I am referring to his new truck. That truck came in really handy when it came to moving all of my school stuff from one school to another. I felt it was a great purchase then :) It was tough to say good bye to Jiggy, but we sold it to a friend which made it easier. We went to Florida to celebrate George's birthday, we took our friends Heather and Doug with us. My mom came to visit in October and it was great to have her see all the improvements we made in the house. We threw a couple of awesome cookouts, one in June the other in November. If you were unable to attend please make sure you try to make one in 2006, that could be a resolution :) We got to see Navy win their homecoming game and George is getting back with the Navy Drum and Bugle Corps. George is now starting to wrap up being at the Pentagon and he starts working at the Naval Academy in March, and he is very excited. As for me, who knows what PG county will do with me this coming year, I hope that I am not taking a teaching tour of this whole county. The best part of 2005 was spending time with new and old friends. We hope that everyone has had a good 2005 and hope that you have an even better 2006!!!!