28 March 2007

Updates & Condolences

Well folks, I was having some problems with the computers here, but I updated the pictures missing from the last blog. I will do my best to keep things updated.

Well not much new has happened here. I moved into a new room and the guy I relieved gave me a fridge and some nice furniture and another guy gave me a TV so I am enjoying some Armed Forces Network TV which includes news, sports, even American Idol occasionally. Trying to keep myself entertained during my down time. Here is my new place:
Otherwise just working hard. The weather is getting warmer and I am sure I will be sweating in no time. My accommodations are nice and the neighbors are all people I work with, so we have a little community in our section of the living pad. We even get together to cook out once a week. Here are some pictures:
Well, that is all for now. Before I go, I just want to let those of you Lakelanders know about the passing of an old friend. Wendi (Bloss) Mangold passed away on March 25th, finally succumbing to cancer. She fought the hard fight, but I guess God needed one of his angels back. Her husband Dave and children Davie, Charlie and Mary will be missing her I am sure, but I am sure God needed her too. My prayers go out to her family, with the knowledge she is looking down on us with her ever present smile. God Bless you all.

Take care to all and I will keep you all updated.

10 March 2007

Lucy, I'm Hoooooome!!

Well everyone, I finally made it, my new base for the next 9 months. The name of the place is Qayyarah West, or Q-West, and it is a FOB (Forward Operating Base) a little south of Mosul. At first I thought they said Key West and I was trying to get some Hawaiian shirts sent from home! I have my own room (it's a trailer but it works for me) and a place to actually work. I am working for the 45th Sustainment Brigade and it looks like a very good job. I even get my own HMMWV to drive around on base. That's on base only for those of you that are worry warts. Here are a few pictures of my current abode:
Sorry, that picture is sideways. I also have a picture of my mode of transportation, other than my feet:
I took some pictures of the Perfume Palace (or so I heard it was called) in Baghdad:

But last but not least, here is the crest of my current unit. They gave me a coin at the welcome party they had for new personnel the other day.

I hope you like those. Well that is all I have for now. Still finishing turnover and getting ready to get to work. Take care and check back soon.