21 January 2007

And the world goes on.

Well, my time off has come to an end and I am starting my training in Indian Head, MD. It has been a great couple of weeks finishing little projects around the house and now the training starts in earnest. I will be commuting back and forth to training and then depart for South Carolina on Saturday. I will be finishing packing and preparing stuff at home every evening and will be glad to talk to any and all. I will shout out to Brian Mutty, my old shipmate from COLE who is now coming back from his IA in Iraq. Congrats and welcome home. Well, Stage 2 begins, I will fill you in on anything interesting afterwards. I am also including pictures of the first snow of the year, which I was luckily here to see.

Take care and I will update you all soon.

07 January 2007

The more things change.....

Hello all. It is me again documenting the trials and tribulations of a Naval Officer preparing for a tour on Individual Augmentation orders. After a trying week of in-processing at Naval Mobilization Processing Station (NMPS), Norfolk, VA, my orders have changed slightly. Instead of going to Arizona for 3 weeks, I am now going home for two weeks and then to Indian Head, MD (1 hour from home) for 1 week before going to Ft Jackson near Columbia, SC for two weeks of Combat Skills Training. I am not complaining, because home for three weeks is nice, and home for Heather's Birthday even better, but the change came in at 630 PM on Friday. After working until 830 PM, calling everyone whose orders had changed, I went to bed and came home the following morning. Again, very wacky. That's all the changes for now. I have been issued my first set of uniforms and, hopefully, will post a picture of me in the new Army camouflage Uniform (ACU). Take care and Happy New Year to all.