15 February 2006

Moving on without moving out!

Hello all, I am posting some more news to keep you all informed of our goings on. I have recently transferred from the Pentagon and am currently on transfer leave. I am working on some projects around the house and taking on the housewife duties. Heather is still working at Greenbelt Elementary and doing a fabulous job. We recently "survived" a snowstorm that dropped 8" on us and knocked out the power from 9:18 AM Sunday, February 12th until 5:00 PM Monday, February 13th. We survived the cold with the fireplace going and everything has since returned to normal. I report to My next job in early March. I will be Executive Assistant to the Director of Professional Development. I will get to teach Strategy and Tactics and work with the Drum and Bugle Corps during the year and also get to sail during the summer . It is a really exciting time. Well that is all for now. I hope this post finds you well and Heather and I hope to hear from you through email. Take care, George.